How do I get a print kit? When your order is placed, a handprint kit or fingerprint kit will be posted out to you, usually within the next working day, using Royal Mail’s 1st class post.

Will I be able to take more than one print? Our kits allow room for practice & error! Our handprint kits contain one wipe and two A4 sheets of magic card. The fingerprint kits contain enough putty to take three to four prints. Please contact us if you require further kits.

I already have a handprint, can this be used? Usually any prints that you have can be used on a piece of jewellery. Please email the image to studio@insilver.co.uk and we will be happy to take a look and advise you further.

I lost a baby but have a print that was taken from the hospital, can this be used? These precious prints can be used, please email a copy of the image (studio@insilver.co.uk) or post a copy rather than sending the original.

I would like to order a piece of jewellery now, can the same prints be used if I place another order in the future? Of course! The prints can be held on file in our archives at your request.

Is inSilver jewellery Fine Silver or Sterling Silver? Fine silver is 99.9% pure silver, Sterling is 92.5% silver and alloyed with copper making it stronger. In 2015 we have changed from using Fine Silver and now we use Sterling Silver (925), which is more durable.  All chains, bracelets and fittings are made from Sterling Silver. The split rings on our keyrings are supplied with the option of Sterling Silver or Steel.

Is your jewellery Hallmarked? Although we are registered with the Birmingham Assay Office, the majority of our jewellery falls below the limit of 7.78g, therefore a Hallmark is not legally required, please see our Hallmarking page for more information. inSilver jewellery is usually stamped with ‘925’ in our studio at the time of manufacture to signify the purity of your jewellery. If you would like your jewellery to be Hallmarked, please contact us, bearing in mind that it will incur an extra charge & delay to our usual turnaround time.

How do you get the handprints so small? Once we have your handprint, we scan it into the computer and shrink it down to fit your chosen piece of jewellery. Whenever possible we make the hands or feet to scale, so an older child will have bigger prints than a younger child.

Can you put additional text on my jewellery? The option is given to add a name onto the front or the back of the jewellery via the order form. If the name is selected to go onto the front, the handprint or footprint will need to be slightly smaller to accommodate the text. A name, date or other detail can be added by request whenever possible.

Are there any age limits to taking handprints or fingerprints? Handprints can be taken from and up to any age, the handprint kits are used in hospitals in America so are safe to use on babies, the youngest print taken in the studio was from a wriggly 9-day-old baby! The fingerprints are more successful with children aged two onwards if you hope to see whorls and swirls. There are exceptions to the rule but younger children have less depth and definition in their fingerprints, although you would see the dink where the finger had been, even if the prints were harder to define.

Can pet’s prints be taken? Yes, we have had a number of dogs visiting the studio. Our customers have also successfully taken prints from cats and even a ferret! If you are willing to try then so are we!  

How do you do the horseshoe print? Rather than having the horse attached, we prefer to make the jewellery from the image of the horseshoe. All we ask is for a nice clean & shiny horseshoe which is returned once your order is complete.

I would like to order a ‘Work Of Art’ piece of jewellery, how do I do this? The Work Of Art jewellery captures a miniature version of a drawing, for best results a small dark image is required. Please email the image to us at studio@insilver.co.uk to ensure that it will be acceptable to use before placing your order.

Can you make double sided prints? Yes, we can do double sided prints, please email your request for further information.

Can we make an appointment to have our prints taken? Yes, of course! If you are in the midlands then please contact us. We prefer you to visit out studio in Sheepy Magna but can visit your home at your request.

We have had a death in the family and would like to have a print taken, is this possible? We understand that this is a difficult time and the importance of precious keepsakes. We can send a print kit to the funeral directors or an appointment can be made for Aimi from inSilver to take the print personally. Prints are posted using Royal Mail’s 1st class post but Special Delivery for guaranteed next day service can be used if your request is urgent. Jewellery choices can be made at a later date if necessary.

The handprints are a bit smudged and there’s a bit missing – help! Via our order form, there is a tick box allowing you to select ‘Sympathetic editing’. Smudges are removed as a matter of course but if you require missing digits to be added, just tick the box!  

Can you edit fingerprints? Unfortunately, fingerprints use a different process so what you see in your impression putty is how it will look on the jewellery. There is enough putty to make at least three or four attempts at obtaining a good fingerprint, we request that you take at least two to allow us to select the one with the best detail. It is important that the putty is not too sticky or too hard as neither of these will produce good quality fingerprint detail.

I know what I would like but don’t see it, can you make bespoke pieces? At inSilver, we like a challenge and welcome commissioned orders. Please call or email with your ideas.

I would like to host a ‘Handprint Party’ what do I do? Ideally you will have a few friends that would also like to have a piece of our jewellery! inSilver are happy to join you for an evening event to select your desired piece of jewellery without the children and to confirm a date to return to take prints. Alternatively, we would be happy to visit during the day at your home, school or nursery at a convenient time & date. For hosting a party, inSilver will give a 10% discount to the party host or 10% of the takings will be donated to the school or nursery.

My jewellery has become tarnished, how do I clean it? Included with your order is a ‘How to care for your jewellery’ leaflet and a silver cloth. The cloth is impregnated with silver polish, simply wipe the dry cloth over the jewellery and it should come up as good as new. Sometimes a ‘Silver Dip’ can be effective, please contact us before attempting to use a dip as some harsher brands can remove the black print from your jewellery.