Start Your Handprint Design

Start your design

Once you have placed your order, a handprint kit will be posted to you. Handprint kits comprise of an inkless wipe, 'magic' paper, the instruction leaflet and an order form. When we receive the prints back from you, we will email you to confirm your requirements and then the making process can begin!

Please allow up to 14 days for delivery from the date of this email. When your jewellery is completed, it will be packaged in a Silver Handprints gift box, another email will be sent to let you know that it is on it's way, along with the tracking code as it will be sent using Royal Mail's Special Delivery service.

Please note: Our range of handprint and fingerprint jewellery is stamped with 925 to represent 925 Sterling Silver, this excludes the Pandora style beads, charms and bracelets. Silver jewellery weighing less than 7.78 grams is below the legal requirements for hallmarking, see our Hallmarking page for more information . However, if you would like your jewellery to carry a Hallmark, you will need to contact us at the time of ordering, this may add another 7 days to the duration of your order as it will be sent to and from the Birmingham Assay Office! A further cost will be incurred also, discussed via email.

To make your jewellery just how you would like it, we offer the following options for you to choose from. A choice of chain styles and lengths, all fitted with a secure lobster catch. You can also select one of our text styles, including Comic Sans, Kristen and Bradley Hand.




When you have read through the instruction sheet, take the wipe from the packet and rub it over the hand to be printed. You should be able to see a yellowish oily sheen on the skin. Make sure that you cover the inside of the palm.

When you are ready, roll the hand onto the magic paper, rolling from the wrist to the fingertips will make sure that you fill the palm area onto the print. Press the whole hand down firmly for the count of ten.

Lift the hand straight up and you will see the print that you have taken – and a clean hand! Magic! We can edit out the smudges and fill in any missing areas if necessary.