Start Your Fingerprint Design

Start your design

Once you have placed your order, a fingerprint kit will be posted to you. Fingerprint kits include one pot of white putty, one pot of blue putty, the instruction leaflet and an order form. When we receive the prints back from you, we will email you to confirm your requirements and then the making process can begin!

Please allow up to 14 days for delivery from the date of this email. When your jewellery is completed, it will be packaged in a Silver Handprints gift box, another email will be sent to let you know that it is on it's way, along with the tracking code as it will be sent using Royal Mail's Special Delivery service.

Please note: Our range of handprint and fingerprint jewellery is stamped with 925 to represent 925 Sterling Silver, this excludes the Pandora style beads, charms and bracelets. Silver jewellery weighing less than 7.78 grams is below the legal requirements for hallmarking, see our Hallmarking page for more information . However, if you would like your jewellery to carry a Hallmark, you will need to contact us at the time of ordering, this may add another 7 days to the duration of your order as it will be sent to and from the Birmingham Assay Office! A further cost will be incurred also, discussed via email.

To make your jewellery just how you would like it, we offer the following options for you to choose from. A choice of chain styles and lengths, all fitted with a secure lobster catch. You can also select one of our text styles, including Comic Sans, Kristen and Bradley Hand.


When you have read the instructions supplied with your putty kit, prepare the two colours in equal sized balls. Ideally each pot has enough putty to make three to four balls. Mix one set before going on to the next as it can harden quite quickly! To mix the colours together, roll the blue to the white for around 30 seconds, this works best with firm squashing! Continue until there are not any streaks and the blue is a consistent shade. Place the mixed putty onto the card on a firm surface and press the finger into it. If the putty is still sticky then carry on squishing for a few more seconds, but keep checking.

When the putty is no longer sticky but still squishy, press the finger into it. For best results keep the finger horizontal and don’t press too far into it otherwise you will have a flat print. If the finger lifts the putty into a peak when you have finished it is too sticky still, roll it into a ball again. If the putty looks lumpy, it has begun to harden, this piece will have to be left to harden. The hardening process is shorter is warmer weather.

This is a perfect fingerprint impression! It is a nice depth with good detail. The prints that are put into silver are taken from the putty, whatever you see is how it will look on your jewellery as fingerprints cannot be edited. Ideally make three to four prints, it allows you to practise and for us to choose the best print to put onto your jewellery! Allow the putty to fully harden for around 20 minutes before placing it back into the bag.