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Relocation To Folkestone!

The inSilver Hut at Folkestone Harbour

Eventually I am living the dream! This country girl from Leicestershire has finally moved to live and work by the coast in Folkestone!

Originating from the landlocked Midlands, I had always dreamed of living by the sea, the calming crashing of the waves and the barefoot walking along the beach was always idyllic and soothed my soul. My husband has worked in Dover and Folkestone for a couple of years now and it was our shared dream to live by the sea – only he got here first! With Folkestone being a creative town and it’s independent shops and quirky venues, it instantly felt like home and the thought of living here was very enticing and I was always sad to leave. With both of my daughters flying the nest recently, I decided it was time for me to relocate and in January 2024 I applied for a hut to trade at Folkestone Harbour. Happily, I was quickly accepted as a trader and then had the task of fulfilling lots of jewellery making workshops that were outstanding from Christmas gift vouchers and beyond. Between January and April, I hosted 58 jewellery making workshops ( in 2023 I did 89 in the whole year) it was exhausting but it meant that everyone had visited and made their desired piece of jewellery and meant that I was free to go. This is to be the end of the workshops for the foreseeable future as I don’t have the space for them in my hut.

On Saturday 27th April 2024 I held my last two workshops, packed up the shop, essential pieces of furniture from my house and on Wednesday 1st May, the removal company accompanied me and my belongings to Folkstone. It was to be a quick turnaround as I need the hut to be ready for trading for the bank holiday weekend on Saturday 4th May! Luckily with the help of my husband  Andy – carpenter/plasterer and house renovator and his colleague Adam, everything fell into place and the hut was open on the Saturday with welcoming sunshine and visitors.

Nearly four weeks on and we are approaching another May bank holiday. The Folkestone Market area has a lovely community with friendly and welcoming neighbouring business owners in the other huts, with a fabulous variety of goods from handmade, vintage to quirky and amazing imported from far and wide. I have made my mark on the hut, set it up as my workshop and shop and it feels like part of me.

I do hope you will visit if you are in the area, I will be here from May to October and hopefully beyond. Some huts are open through the week – depending on the weather, but we are all open Saturday’s, Sunday’s and bank holiday Monday’s from 11am-6pm.

Aimi x



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