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Fingerprint Jewellery Wishes 4 Kids interview on BBC Radio Leicester

Earlier in the summer I received a phone call from Ushma Mistry, a broadcaster from BBC Radio Leicester! I make fingerprint jewellery for the Leicestershire charity Wishes 4 Kids, the prints from terminally ill children are put onto the jewellery and given as a keepsake to the parents. A Wishes 4 Ki

The Wedding – a personal touch!

Everyone loves a good wedding and the all exciting build up! In July I got married and obviously made the jewellery for my bridesmaids, a wedding ring for Andy and I and a few bits for myself.             As my bridesmaids are all specials stars and their dresses were pink, I opted for small s

A new workshop for 2017!

If you have seen me recently you would have noticed that I have been splattered in white paint! During the Christmas holidays a new workshop area has been constructed, so I have recently traded working with silver for working with a brush and roller! I wanted as much natural light as possible so an

Welcome to inSilver!

Hey! Welcome to inSilver! This is my new website! Eeeeek! It is fair to say that I'm pretty excited about all of this. I started my jewellery career with Silver Shadows Jewellery way back, after completing my college course when I was making contemporary jewellery. Turn the clock forward a few years