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Featured in the Tamworth Herald!


A little while ago I received a call from Helen Machin, a journalist from The Tamworth Herald. She had seen one of my posts on a local Facebook page and was intrigued by the fact that I was a local jewellery maker because she also had a passion for jewellery!

Helen visited the workshop, carried out her interview, asking how I got into jewellery making and my progression into silversmithing and how my business operates. After a demonstration on how to make a traditional D-shape ring, Helen began making hers under my watchful eye. She did a great job and left with a huge sense of achievement.

The following day, Tamworth Herald photographer Rob Yardley visited the workshop and took some photos to accompany Helen’s story. This involved me showing some of the processes of making a ring and displaying the final pieces of jewellery.

The Tamworth Herald was issued and the feature was fantastic! I, along with my family, were really proud of the write-up and the photographs and the fact that it covered double pages. The feature attracted lots of interest to my business with new bookings for workshops, a couple of commissions and a lot more likes to my Facebook page!

To read the interview, please click the links below.

Insilver1 Insilver2




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