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inSilver, helping to save the planet!

We are all aware of the fact that we need to do our bit to save the planet, so over the last few weeks, we have been mindful of how the business operates and have made some positive changes.

As often as possible, the silver we use to make our jewellery will be Ecosilver. This is produced from 100% recycled scrap silver rather than mined from the ground, purified and having a huge global footprint. Here is our scrap silver that is refined to become Ecosilver.


Unfortunately, some of our suppliers haven’t been quite as forward thinking as we would like, so there are gaps in the materials that we can source, but whenever possible, our silver of choice will be Ecosilver, as pictured on the right.



We have always been thoughtful with regards to our packaging, using fibre-filled padded envelopes rather than bubble wrap filled ones. We have always been happy to use cardboard for our gift boxes as they have a modern look and are biodegradable. Trying to source an environmentally friendly alternative to the foam inserts supplied inside them hasn’t been so easy, this part is a necessity to protect the jewellery, especially if it is to be posted. Our small bags have always been paper and more recently we have moved away from single use plastic bags for multiple items and now utilise card style gift bags.

These might be small steps, but we feel that they are positive ones. Any suggestions on how we can be more environmentally friendly would be very welcome!


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