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The Wedding – a personal touch!

Everyone loves a good wedding and the all exciting build up! In July I got married and obviously made the jewellery for my bridesmaids, a wedding ring for Andy and I and a few bits for myself.







As my bridesmaids are all specials stars and their dresses were pink, I opted for small star pendants with sparkly pink Swarovski beads. One for my daughters, Tallulah and Connie and one for Erin my niece.

I wanted to make something personalised for myself and decided on a double fingerprint heart with my fingerprint and Andy's joining. I followed the traditional something old, something new and used a Swarovski Aquamarine bead for the something blue. Andy and I were both born in March, so the blue Aquamarine worked perfectly! I had the back engraved with 'Aimi & Andy. 14.7.17'. Our names are behind the relevant fingerprint.

As my wedding dress had lots of beaded detail at the front and a semi-open back, I chose to make use of the shape of the back of the dress and add the double fingerprint heart.

I was very keen to make the wedding rings and Andy and I both like silver rather than the traditional gold colour. As we both have practical jobs, we needed a strong metal so opted for 9ct white gold. We shared design ideas and eventually went with a double band, mine was a slinky version and Andy's was a wider version. I hadn't made anything in gold for a while and was reminded how much easier gold is to work with compared to silver.

Andy and I were really pleased with the end result and everyone comments on how lovely it is that I made our rings!

Please contact me to discuss your own silver or gold bespoke wedding jewellery ideas.

Wedding photography courtesy of Nigel, Red Apple Photography.



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