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Fingerprint Jewellery Wishes 4 Kids interview on BBC Radio Leicester

Earlier in the summer I received a phone call from Ushma Mistry, a broadcaster from BBC Radio Leicester!

I make fingerprint jewellery for the Leicestershire charity Wishes 4 Kids, the prints from terminally ill children are put onto the jewellery and given as a keepsake to the parents.

A Wishes 4 Kids fundraiser had recently donated money to the charity and received a letter to say how the money had been spent. She thought this was very touching and contacted Radio Leicester to tell them how amazing the gift of keepsake jewellery was. An interview was arranged with me and with Janine from Wishes 4 Kids and it was broadcast on BBC Radio Leicester earlier this month.

Listen by clicking play on the file at the bottom of the page!

To find out more about the Wishes 4 Kids charity, go to:





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